Purchasing a vehicle out of state, sight-unseen is almost always a gamble, Favored Panel provides services to consumers and car dealerships via our Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection, the purpose is to evaluate vehicles and provide a comprehensive report on the condition and potential needs of a vehicle, the report also contains 25-150 DSLR quality photos, we also offer a video option as well. Our in depth inspections will provide insight on the structural and mechanical integrity of a vehicle. We begin by doing a full walk-around of the vehicle, checking and photographing the paint, body panels, glass, tires, wheels, brake rotors, undercarriage, suspension, frame, etc. Next, we perform a full interior inspection, checking the upholstery condition, window seals, sunroof, electronics, safety equipment, air conditioning, locks, door latches, etc. For the engine/transmission portion of the inspection we first check all fluid levels and note the conditions. Then we start the vehicle and wait for it to reach operating temperature. The inspector will proceed to listen for any abnormalities while the engine runs and check for leaks. The inspector will then conclude the inspection after evaluating the transmission by shifting through all of the gears.